Robert Zarywacz and Simon Zarywacz are unfashionable.

We’re also brothers who are partners of z2z.com communications, established way back in 1994.

Robert remembers the days of sending telexes to communicate with international colleagues, but both now have smartphones.

Simon bakes a splendid apple cake and Robert favours a traditional fruitcake, but who makes the best pancakes?

unfashionable | Robert Zarywacz and Simon Zarywacz


Simon lives in Wilton, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, follows cricket closely and takes a keen interest in great comedians. Simon has lots of experience of managing web site content. He built a successful magazine subscription ecommerce system with encryption software, forms and scripts long before off-the-shelf systems were available.


Robert lives in Ilfracombe, Devon and enjoys walking in the remote countryside with his dog and is studying part-time for his History MA. He has written and edited for business magazines and newspapers, never yet missing a deadline. Follow @robertz on Twitter.