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unfashionable applies our long experience of marketing, PR and communications from our partnership in:


We write for print, online and media. We make sure text makes sense and includes information that readers need, eg dates, prices and where to buy.

Events & awards

We’ve arranged and managed conferences, workshops and lunches, and developed and run business awards programmes.

Journalism & PR

We’ve worked on both sides of the fence so we know what works and often help businesses tweak their press releases to achieve coverage.


We check spelling, punctuation and grammar, and make sure everything makes sense. We also check details such as brand names, addresses and dates, as well as design consistency and a lot more.

Social media

Yes, can you believe we do this too? From photos and video to targeted campaigns based on planning, scheduling and interesting content.


We’re all too aware of things that have gone wrong as we often help clients out. We want to make communications successful, even where the basics have been neglected and need to be put right.


No, you’ve got us there, but we do try our utmost to achieve amazing results.

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